Act4ward 2023

2lo Sounds of Power

It's hard to believe that it was May 2020 that I last updated Act4ward.

Since then we have had a National Lockdown - where the project was closed for the duration and that in turn meant I closed it's old location at The Station.

To be honest I felt it unlikely that I would continue at that time for family and health reasons - but time moves on and things change.

During lockdown I built a "home office" which later was to become the new Lochdune Studio.

Whilst it is is small compared to The Station - it has the advantage of not needing me to store "props" and various equipment within it but have them at easy reach.

So after a trial run in 2022 - I decided this year 2023 to bring forwad the new project series 2lo Sounds of Power, and as part of that project to include drama again.

With the fantastic efforts of Joe Oli and Damon I was able to make plans and launch the new Act4ward in June 2023 - the project itself starting in April 2023.

A lot has changed since the station days - but reassuringly the core values have not. It's a not for profit educational venture and it remains informal and built around the actors taking part. 

New cameras and lenses have been added for both stills and video - upgraded sound equipment including long range "remote" microphones and even a teleprompter.

The new studio is a sea of green screen with 3 green screens surrounding the shoot area. An additional space is being added where more height is required as the ceiling in the Lockdune is quite low!

And how do we describe the work done here. 

That's a hard one - is it a workshop? I don't like the term as acting workshops to me have always been group activities with a lot of space.

However I do use workshop techniques quite often and plan to build on this.

It's more a meeting [at first one to one] to discuss and work practically on drama and acting. It's aim is to build up personal confidence and range within the individual actor from the level they start at. To look at what their aims are and help them move forward accordingly.

This is done with multi media work, ie by video, audio and Stills photography.

Some work is set as "time for" where in return for the actors time they receive without charge the work completed on video/stills etc.

There are also paid options for work on for example Histomania. 

So ok it's acting training then?

Again I don't claim this - it's a build up of confidence and range and yes acting techniques I have worked on over the years - and many actors have told me they think it is acting training after their visits here.

But let's settle for helping an actor /performer advance towards their chosen goal.

You may gather from this that I don't like setting the work in a rigid structure, and with that you would be right.

I aim to get to know the actors I work with and build work and scripts around them.

It is set to be informal and two way in it's working practice.

The satisfying aspect of this work is how good the reception to it has been over the years - and how so many have moved forward from it with success.

I hope shortly to go into more detail how things work - but forgive me at the moment as time is pressing to get all the planning and practical work done this Summer.

If your thinking of joining us you would be more than welcome - just get in touch.


Take care


Dave [William David]

June 2023