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About the Halfling project and it's work within act4ward


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William David has strongly supported Starnow for over 10 years.

However Starnow have now taken to instigate image and profile censorship to a level which is unrealistic to the performance or modelling industry it purports to align to in my opinion, and which will often be detrimental to the interests of it's often new and inexperienced membership.

Further it is unwilling to discuss or maneuver in any way in regard to it's new policies and actions.

With regret therefore I can no longer recommend Starnow or have any involvement with it.






Work on The halfling Project has a key demographic of boys aged from 5-24 - act4ward boys 8- 26. As an intrinsic component  within this work many may have special needs on the "invisible" spectrum some quite demanding. Strong standards of ethics and procedure are set to ensure a safe and friendly environment in an informal environment. 

As part of the work many will take place in drama sets or photo shoots including video and audio work. Age guidelines and child protection practice are applied.

Child protection is set with commonsense as the key - recognising that building personal awareness and confidence is important. No child is ever "bullied" into taking part or dressing in a particular way. However much of the work is character based and for young actors depictions such as shirtless and sports/ swimwear will often be included and is popular with children and parents alike. My core belief and the stated policy aim with my work is that children should be allowed to be children,and dress in ways they themselves are comfortable or to suit the characters they may portray. No images will be used against the will of child or parent in the case of under 18 or the participant if over 18. Images online are selected carefully and with consent. 



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