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act4ward jottings:-

February 1st 2018

From today act4ward begins it's new phase. Not much will appear to change at this time - but things are now building well.

                     act4ward & special needs 

 Young actors with special needs in education & life normally work within the Halfling project first.

But act4ward is set to specialise with young performers who may be very good actors but struggle with autism or allied conditions in their general life.

Sadly in many cases this has been undiagnosed prior to this point.

act4ward offers help advice and support in addition to that from The Halfling Project biased towards their chosen career path  of acting and performance.

Every actor is different so their is no fixed agenda from the start but it is built up as we proceed.

Unlike formal SEN environments it's set as an informal approach with great emphasis on the positive aspects of their talent with no trick side agendas 

The basic plan for the session is set so that the actor knows in advance if it's "chat" or "drama" and can influence what's covered by mutual planning.

Parents/guardians are fully involved if under 16's with more independence for 16+ and 18+ .

The key aim of this work is for the performer to be confident and equipped for life both inside and outside the industry by being more self aware.

Until that is achieved they can rely upon support from myself and any help they need if possible will be provided.

They will be encouraged to feel free to contact in the future if they feel they need help or support or simply to have a friendly chat.

Numbers are limited to ensure that all can be supported when required.

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